Our Mission is to research and deliver vital information through free online directories, print publications, and events. Information is gathered, edited, and offered to enhance the cause of peace in the world, in our communities, and in our personal lives. This effort is:

  • For the many who suffer from the effects of violence, whether from a military front, a community, a school, or a home.
  • For addicts and alcoholics, including their families, friends, and extended communities, to help them make the break from the effects of addiction to full recovery.
  • For senior citizens, including their families, friends, and support network, to inform them on matters of aging, mental health, and special needs such as housing, home care, medications, and hospice options.
  • For the disadvantaged who suffer from socio-economic stress and hardship and cannot afford or do not have access to conventional therapy.
  • For children, veterans, and all who suffer from the effects of depression, extreme trauma, and addiction.
  • For those strongly effected by the Covid pandemic and other national disasters by directing them to the necessary therapy needed to lessen the trauma and loss caused by such catastrophes.